Migrating email system to Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud service offering from Google that provides users with a Workspace of productivity software and collaboration services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, ...

Starting from July of 2018, TDTU is moving email service from local Zimbra servers to Google Workspace, for both staff and student users. Together with the move, the domain name of email addresses is also changed as follows:

For student users: 

  • From: <user>@student.tdt.edu.vn to: <user>@student.tdtu.edu.vn
  • Applied from: 20/7/2018

For staff users:

  • From: <user>@tdt.edu.vn to: <user>@tdtu.edu.vn
  • Applied from: 01/8/2018

This also means that in order to use your new TDTU email address, you have to switch to Google Workspace.

Please note that only domain name part of email addresses are changed, your usernames are kept the same. After the transition to Google Workspace, email account and information system account are separated. The system will no longer support single sign on between email and TDTU information system.

How to move?

Check the transition schedule here.

You will receive an announcement email from TDTU IT Department, that contains your initial password for Google Workspace account and instruction on how to sign in and change password.

Note: You are forced to change the initial password at the first login. As regulated by TDTU security policy, the password of email account must be different from that of TDTU information system account.

Once the account's password is updated successfully, you can start working with Google Workspace.

Your email data on Zimbra system is maintained for reference purpose, you can still access it as usual. However, you may want to migrate your data to Google Workspace, please refer the instructions here.

You should check your Spam mail folder regularly for the first period of time on Google Workspace, and if you find any normal messages that are mis-labeled as spam mail, you can get them back by marking them as Not Spam. This helps the system recognize spam mails more exactly.