Information Systems

TDTU operates many information systems: Lecturer/staff portal, Students Portal.

Benhind the Lecturer/staff portal is the Information system for Lecturer/staff, which provides administrative and professional functions.

The basic functions of the system include:

  • Faculty and staff resumes;
  • Quality objectives;
  • Teaching/work schedules;
  • E-office;
  • User support tikets;
  • Library services;
  • Shared databases;
  • Specialized functions are designed specifically for users of each department.

Back-end of the Student portal is Information system for students (undergraduate) supports student services such as:

  • Student records;
  • Students' learning and training results;
  • Study plan, time schedule;
  • Course registration;
  • Other functions.

Users who need support regarding the Portal for undergraduate students should contact: Student Services Office.

Master's students and PhD students use Portal for graduate students should contact the Department for Graduate Studies.